Monday, October 24, 2011

“Hey, I Need Help Too!"


Today's guest blog is by Terry Dickson, MD, ACG.

The profound impact ADHD can have on marriage is well known. Less emphasis has been directed toward what a non-ADHD spouse married to an ADHD spouse truly experiences and what competencies, skills, and techniques are most effective for strengthening the relationship with a partner who has ADHD. A few of the questions a non-ADHD spouse may have are:
1. How can I understand the hard-wiring of my ADHD spouse? What are the traits of ADHD that tend to get in the way of the relationship?
2. How can I effectively communicate with my ADHD spouse when he/she has challenging communication skills?
3. How can I effectively cope with the frustrations of daily life with my ADHD spouse?
4. How can I work with my ADHD spouse to reach his/her full potential in the context of a healthy marriage?
5. Am I to blame for my ADHD spouse’s behavior?

Who are non-ADHD spouses? What do they experience that brings them to their wits end, that makes them want to divorce, or yell, feel unloved, tense up in a ball of frustration, or scream in anger?

Come join me as we explore these questions and more on Thursday, November 10, 2011 for a pre-conference institute from 9 am until noon at CHADD's 23rd Annual International Conference in Orlando, Florida.

During the presentation, my wife (who is a non-ADHD spouse) will talk about her experience being married to a person with ADHD (me). We will discuss how we have been able to work together effectively to strengthen our relationship. You will also hear the experiences of other non-ADHD spouses I have videotaped. You will gain a better understanding of the impact the behaviors of a person with ADHD has on a non-ADHD spouse and tips for strengthening your relationship for a lifetime.

To your success,

Terry M. Dickson, MD, ACG

Terry M. Dickson, MD, ACG, is an ADD Relationship Coach. He is also the founder and director of the Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan, and has been principal study investigator for several clinical ADHD medication trials.

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brevegodfrey@what is adhd said...

Every relationship is deeply rooted on mental and emotional aspects. Thus, when your partner is undergoing psychological illness, the other one should know how to act the situation. This will keep the relationship strong!