Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Do I Do When Nothing Is Working?

This week's guest blog is by Marie S. Paxson.

If you have a family member with ADHD and you are looking to cut through the clutter of information and advice, then One Day, One Location, Many Solutions to ADHD and Co-Occurring Conditions, a conference sponsored by CHADD, is the place to go! By the end of the day, you will have a clear understanding of ADHD. And, more importantly, you will have strategies to manage it.

I will be presenting a program entitled What Do I Do When Nothing is Working? When Someone You Care About Is Struggling with Risky Behaviors. I would love to tell you that I learned this information from a book, but I am probably a lot like you. As the parent of two children (now young adults) with ADHD and co-occurring conditions, I've been witness to some of the negative aspects of ADHD. I've been on the receiving end of some really upsetting phone calls. ADHD doesn't just affect academic performance, and the consequences of "ready, fire, aim" can be very serious.

This session will be more than just a recounting of my family's story (let's face it, we could all do that). It will include the valuable lessons I learned along the way. And time will be allotted for audience members to share their insights on how they are managing the troubling side of ADHD.

If this topic doesn't speak to you, the conference will offer a myriad of other ADHD-related presentations. The planning committee worked very hard to provide a wide selection of topics to help you manage ADHD on a daily basis. I hope to see you in Long Island on May 14!

Marie Paxson,
Immediate Past President, CHADD


Team Building said...

What I do is to just make the most out of the situation, whatever it is. Being innovative is important as well.

Ged Online said...

Have patience.. Sooner or later it works...