Friday, February 13, 2009

Economic Stimulus and People with Special Needs

Many Americans have been following action in Congress on legislation designed to stimulate the economy. CHADD members, donors, and supporters have a variety of views on this legislation, reflecting viewpoints across the nation. CHADD has been actively engaged in this effort. Given the variety of opinions, I wanted to share our thinking and approach.

For over 21 years, CHADD’s volunteer citizen board of directors and volunteer citizen public policy committee have developed the organization’s public policy platform. The platform advocates proactive federal support of the health, education, employment, and related supports for those individuals affected by AD/HD who require such supports. Not every person with a diagnosis of AD/HD requires this level of support. CHADD also advocates for research on the causes and treatments of AD/HD as well as efforts to promote prevention and wellness.

CHADD did not initiate a national government economic stimulus program; the leadership of the United States did. Once Congressional leaders launched such an effort, CHADD joined our sister national associations to advocate for enhanced funding for

• special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA);
• disability in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Prevention and Wellness Fund;
• electronic medical records promotion to increase the likelihood of coordinated and integrated medical services; and
• increased Medicaid services at a time of significant job loss.

There are many other support and research programs important to people with AD/HD and related disorders contained in the legislation. Coalitions to which CHADD belongs have supported some of these other programs. The four above have been CHADD’s priorities for work.

Promoting jobs, preventing job loss, mechanisms to promote economic recovery and protection—these are big-picture legislative goals. If legislators act, our role is to advocate for supports helpful to those people with AD/HD and related disorders who need such supports.

Click here for details on the legislation.

Let us pray that the efforts undertaken by our leaders work for America.


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