Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Research Interests and Priorities

In the past two weeks, a federal government agency and a sister medical association have asked CHADD about our research interests and priorities related to AD/HD. Below is the list of 20 AD/HD research interests that we have tentatively identified.

1. Gene-Environment Interaction
2. Gene Risk Factors
3. Biogenetic Markers
4. Executive Functioning
5. Neurocognitive Deficits Associated with AD/HD
6. Brain Research Integrating Neurology and Psychiatry
7. Longitudinal Neuroimaging Research
8. Chart Trajectories to Determine Interventions
9. Lifespan Dynamics and Characteristics
10. Impairment Index
11. Mental Disorders as Developmental Disorders
12. Personalizing Interventions
13. Impact of Culture, Race, Etc. (including disparities and possible differential medication impact)
14. Translate Research to Practice (and Public Health)
15. Core Features of AD/HD versus Comorbidity Features
16. Autism-AD/HD Interface
17. Efficacy of Neurofeedback
18. Outreach to National Center on Complementary and Alternative Medicine
19. Patient Perspective into Evidence-Based Practice (including the lived experience)
20. Evidence Base of CHADD's Parent to Parent Program

Many of these topics are discussed in some depth in our National Resource Center on AD/HD (NRC) website and in the public policy section of CHADD's website.

Your questions, observations, and commentary will be very helpful as we refine the list.


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