Thursday, September 16, 2010

Countdown to Atlanta

This week's guest blogger is Sharon K. Weiss, MEd.

The CHADD conference is, for me, a labor of love. It is the quintessential opportunity to get together with friends and colleagues to learn so much information that I sometimes think my head will explode because my brain can’t hold it all. Every year I come home with copious notes, great ideas, and greater insight into the challenges of living with ADHD. I’m also anxious to pass along what I’ve learned, with a renewed sense of being able to make a real difference. It doesn’t get better than that.

The speakers and topics are so exciting that it’s always hard to know what to attend. Many of my colleagues and clients get in touch with me and ask who would be the best speaker to hear or which topic would best apply. Every year it’s a difficult call—and this year is no exception.

Flyers from many conferences cross my desk. But the CHADD conference is special. It is the chance to go to one city (and Atlanta is a great city with great food) and hear noted speakers who have the best information on the cutting-edge research and the evidence- based practices.

The latter is my area and I’m so honored to have been invited as a plenary speaker. For years, wherever I go people want to know what works—how to make behavioral change with those children whose behavior is a real challenge. In my talk, I’ll cite specific examples of behavior, discuss reasonable expectations for change, and outline the steps to making meaningful change in behavior. If you read my comments on this blog, please come up and introduce yourself!

Sharon K. Weiss, MEd, is a behavioral consultant in private practice who focuses on parent and professional training. She will present the closing keynote speech at the 22nd Annual International Conference on ADHD in Atlanta, November 11-13. Learn more or register today.

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