Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take a Chance on Tomorrow

Steven Peer is today’s guest blogger.

If you had a chance to make each tomorrow better, simpler, and more understandable for you and the ones most important in your life, would you take it?

Whether you are a psychologist, mental health professional, parent, caregiver, or educator, embrace this opportunity on May 14, 2011 to make such a difference at the CHADD regional conference in Long Island, New York.

Attendees will choose from 22 breakout sessions and a keynote by Chris Zeigler Dendy, MS. And they will hear from top experts on current topics of executive function, alternative treatments, ADHD and co-occurring disorders in the classroom, practical answers for home, school, and workplace, and more.

Here are some comments from attendees at one of CHADD's past regional conferences:

"The different presenters were extremely diverse and were experienced. It was a pleasure to have them and listen to these experiences."
- Parent, 2009 Regional Conference

"... can apply many of these strategies/suggestions in my classroom."
- Educator, 2009 Regional Conference

There are many ways to learn. I prefer face-to-face conferences best. Here are a few of my reasons why.

1. Ask anyone who's attended a conference. The joy, the fun, and the connecting at a conference come from what happens before, during, and after sessions.

2. Teleconference attendees learn only what is directed at them. There's no overhearing of questions and comments; there's no body language; no inference; no bumping into world-class presenters in the hallway. There's nothing like face-to-face, live learning.

3. Checking-OUT of your routine and INTO a conference changes everything. No crying, barking, or other distractions. Many folks with ADHD learn best in this immersion-style setting.

4. Ask the presenters at a teleconference what they prefer—it's as awkward for them as it is for you.

5. What no teleconference operator can claim is CHADD's 23-year history of local and international, life-changing events. You owe it to yourself to find out for yourself.

Learn more about this exciting event and join me on Long Island on May 14th.

Steven Peer

P.S. If you belong to any national professional organizations (NASSP, COPAA, APA, NAPO, etc.) please spread the word about this conference on their member listservs, message boards, or forums.

Steven Peer is the president of CHADD.

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