Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stress and Kids with ADHD

Today’s guest blog is by Jerome Schultz, PhD.

I have often said it’s fairly easy to diagnose ADHD and LD. What’s difficult is explaining the results of testing to students at a developmentally appropriate level so that they have a clear understanding of their challenges.

Way too many kids with ADHD and LD have no clue about how to conquer their challenges. Too many of them think of themselves as stupid. They confront challenges with an “I can’t” attitude. This way of greeting a task triggers the stress response in the child’s brain. You can hear the brain singing this tune now: We gotta get outta this place…if it’s the last thing we ever do! Even when kids hear teachers and adults say “I know you can do it,” this vote of confidence often puts them under more pressure. They think: “Easy for YOU to say, Mrs. Johnson!” I’ve been there—and I’ve failed.” So why are we surprised when they fight or flee? For kids under the chronic stress of ADHD and LD, there’s simply nowhere to run… nowhere to hide.

I invite you to attend my session at the CHADD conference in Orlando next week to learn how stress gets in the way of learning, and how if it’s not addressed, can lead to a deterioration in actual brain function.(Talk about going from the frying pan to the fire!) Learn how the DE-STRESS Model can turn this around and head kids in the direction of success. You’ll like what you hear. This approach costs NO money and it WORKS!

Want more of a preview? Check out my website and learn about my new book, Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It, which forms the basis for this stress-reducing, cartoon-laced session at CHADD's conference. There will be a book signing after the event. Hope to see you there. Sign up early. Rumor has it that this will be a standing-room-only event!

Jerome Schultz, PhD, is a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children and young adults with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other special needs. He is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.


Anonymous said...

My son is 14 years old and many of the teacher's don't know how to handle kids with ADHD. My son told me that his biology teacher shout at him all the time if he make any comment and telling her what happen. what do you think I can help my son and what information that you could help to give to those teacher that don't to handle ADHD kids. He stuying at Rosemead High school at Rosemead,California.

santa barbara chiropractor - dr.zemella said...

There are many parents these days that take their children for chiropractic treatment and care. It has been observed that children can take advantage of this treatment method starting from birth till throughout the childhood. Handling a child with ADHD in your house can be a problematic work but it has been observed that chiropractic treatment can help a lot with the symptoms of ADHD.

Children suffering from the problem of ADHD or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can act out in various ways. They may control themselves, not obey commands and bully other children. These children might get violent and may have rough behavior like throwing things around.

According to a survey by American Chiropractic Association in 1991, the number of chiropractic patients of sixteen years of age and younger has increased to 8.5%. Chiropractic services is the most common alternative method of treatment performed on children and it is completely safe.

A study conducted in 1975 compared the effect of chiropractic treatment and drugs in children suffering from ADHD. The study showed that chiropractic services was twenty four percent more effective than normal drug prescription. It worked over the wide range of symptoms which are common in neurological dysfunction syndrome. So, chiropractic treatment works good with children having ADHD.

It has been observed that children who suffer from the problem of ADHD have successful results with chiropractic treatment. It has also been noticed that children who have vertebral subluxation and do not show any symptoms of ADHD should still have chiropractic services. The best method of treatment in case of ADHD is chiropractic services. It is completely natural and so it does not have any side effects. This makes it very safe for your child. With proper treatment and care, the symptoms of this condition can be helped to a great degree.

Joan said...

If a kid diagnosed with ADHD gets stressed then that is bad. Parents should always be there so that their kids will not fell badly despite their situation. And parents should support them throughout the treatment they are having. I do appreciate the article and I check your conference.

LisaFitzC said...

As a mother of four girls, I was concerned when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, but not surprised. Her fun loving attitude went only so far, until it caused constant disruption in the classroom and her grades began to fall. One can imagine my surprise when my third in line was just diagnosed with ADHD as well. Her symptoms were present, but she was much more reserved than her sister, unless she became overly stressed, and she would make comments that came from left field. I started her on Medication, and she went from, as she shared with me,"raising my hand and always getting the answer wrong, to now getting it right!" As a parent, my largest concern has been my children feeling successful in school. Stress definitely causes quick confusion and support and guidance can help children calm down and push through it. I look forward to hearing what you have to share!