Monday, January 9, 2012

ADHD Medication Shortages: Your Information Needed Today

As you know, CHADD is very concerned about the current shortage of medications to treat ADHD. No one seems to have a good handle on the extent of the shortages. If you would take just a moment to answer a few questions about your personal experience with the availability of your medication, then CHADD will know much more about the extent of the problem, all the medications being affected, and the geographic distribution. It is important that we hear from people who are not having problems as well as those who are. We need both sides of the picture.

Answer this quick, anonymous survey, which includes the following questions:

• What is the name of the ADHD medication you normally use and the dosage?
• Are you having any problems with getting your prescriptions filled?
• What city and state do you live in?
• Have you had to change medications because of the shortages?

As CHADD works in Washington to address the causes and management of the shortage, it is important that we have as much accurate information as possible. CHADD’s mission is to provide its membership with a unified and strategic voice to policymakers. We are also partnering with other organizations to determine the extent of this issue and to amplify our voice in effecting positive change.

We will keep you updated on the results of the survey, our meetings with key policymakers in Washington, and what you can do to advocate for a more effective system of dealing with shortages. And we will keep you informed about CHADD’s concerns about diversion of medication and what you can do to keep medications from being used inappropriately.

If you would like some tips on how to find a pharmacy that can fill your prescription, check out "Shortages of ADHD Medications."

If you want information on what has led to the shortages, read "Why Can’t I Get My ADHD Medications?"

Completing the survey will take you less than a minute. Thank you for your help in this matter, and for your immediate cooperation.

Ruth Hughes, PhD

Robert Tudisco, JD
CHADD Public Policy Committee


dana said...

WE had one time that Walgreens in Ruidoso did not have enough to fill the Addreall XR 30mg that my son takes. We were fortunate enough to be able to drive down the road a bit and go to Walmart to get it there. Thank God it has not bothered us as bad as in some places.

Anonymous said...

husband is on Adderall 30 mg. We have had a tough time getting it since September. The big chains like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, etc do not have it. We were able to get it at a local family run pharmacy for the last 2 months. We live in Lancater PA

Anonymous said...

I do not have ADHD, however, I do have a boyfriend who has ADHD. We live in the Northern Kentucky area, and trying to find a pharmacy who carries his prescription can sometimes be a chore. Out of about 6 local pharmacie's, there is usually only 1 pharmacy that's able to fill the prescription. This is an issue that I hope will be resolved soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you CHADD for your help! It is ridiculous what I have to go through each month to get my son's much-needed Ritalin filled.

Anonymous said...

My son needed 15 mg generic Adderall. Went to two CVS, two Wallgreens, Costco, Target and these stores called their other local stores. No one had the 15's although they had the 10's. Finally the second Wallmart I checked could fill my prescription partially.

pietro5266 said...

Thank you for looking into this. The worst part is that no one seems to know the real cause of the shortages. Are the drug companies manipulating supply for some reason, or is the government over-regulating supplies, or perhaps some combination of both?

Regardless, it's unbelievable that this situation could even be allowed to occur.

Anonymous said...

My son takes Vyvanse. We live in Tallahasse, Fl. So far we have had no problems.

Danielle Emerson said...

Over the last 6 years I've periodically had problems getting amphetamine mixed salt (generic adderall) 10mg pills.Typically, CVS and Rite Aid do not have them in stock. They seem to only order the absolute minimum. They usually offer to order it, which can take up to a week (given no shortages). The most reliable places for me are Target and the outpatient pharmacy at my work (a hospital). If you're experiencing shortages, your best bet would be to have a trustworthy pharmacy order it a week in advance (they'll probably require the prescription). You could also have your doctor write the prescription for more than a months worth of pills (if you take 1, 10mg pill, have it written for 20mg pills). This would ONLY work for immediate release (can be split easily), but would give you a backup in case of future shortages.
I live in a suburb of Philadelphia.

kjbb said...

I'm a journalist writing an article/column about why the drug shortages are making people so anxious. Specifically, I'm focusing on younger adults who have been taking mediation since they were kids or teenagers and describing how it can be really tough to suddenly have to ration them or not to have access to them at all after you've relied on them for so many years to focus and perform. If this describes your experience, could you please get in touch? My email is Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Local CVS and Walgreens are hit and miss for Adderall. They do always have Vyvanse. Local Mom and Pop Medicine Shop always has adderal. It seems obvious, since my local pharmacist told me Shire makes all three of these, that they want everyone on Vyvan. and are controlling the market. Provigil, same thing, the maker bought up the generic rights and provigil remains about ten bucks a pill, despite the age of the patent. shame on them as well.

Anonymous said...

This is absolute rubbish. If I were to be a famous person on famous addictive pain medication I wouldn't find a drug shortage. But I have a legal prescription which allows me to focus and function, I am penalized because their are folks who sell their meds like street drugs. Give me a petition to sign, the drug medication makers in this case should cry foul. Help us!!!???

Anonymous said...

I think the cause of this shortage is quite clear, at this point, and I suspect this might be one of the best opportunities ever to gain legal and lobbying advantage for CHADD and ADHD in general. You at CHADD have potentially THE most vocal and energetic minority at your disposal to force the DEA -- directly, through the FDA, through Congress, through the White House, through the Attorney General's office, and through medical groups, to change it's level and method of regulation of what the DEA wants to label 'Schedule 2' drugs (all the ADHD meds).

Clearly the DEA is already feeling the heat -- their 'Office of Diversion Control' has already changed their web site to make sending comments to them more difficult. Also clear is that the DEA is run by a bunch of ne'er-do-well bullies who think that anyone taking a stimulant for ADHD is just a closet criminal getting in the way of their drug busts. Many Congressmen think the same way.

I would like to suggest that this supply (AND PRICE) problem is fixable within not too much more than 2 weeks if the DEA got out of the way (and manufacturers and pharmacies knew they wouldn't be prosecuted). Lead times on the most basic of these meds are not long, and the supply channel is not so complex that FedEx can't fix it fairly quickly.

Considering that there are probably millions of ADD'ers and ADD parents right now ready to yell and scream at anyone wearing a DEA jacket, the bully attitude at the DEA can be overcome with some focused attention -- ironically, something that we ADD'ers can do exceptionally well.

I would hope you would listen to the advice of someone I don't particularly admire, but who was extremely effective as Chief-of-Staff for Obama: as Rahm Emanuel likes to say, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste." The DEA has been on a mission, since it got the 'Meth Law' passed by Congress in 2008, to drive the price of ADHD meds through the roof. Now, if you really think that we should all be filling our prescriptions by going down to the local DEA office and having a drug cop interview us as to 'why we think we want this med' -- then we are fine on the path before us. On the other hand, if you pay for meds yourself and don't like the idea of big brother doing such a thing, then now is the time to tell the DEA how it will work in the future -- and making it stick politically and, if necessary, legislatively.

Now is not the time to be 'nice', because right now you have an interested, motivated, and vocal group behind you. Let's not let this serious supply crisis go to waste!

Anonymous said...

I personally had a 2 week shortage of my Adderal. I now take drug holidays on the weekends to make certain I've a adequate amount for the workdays. Since I am a RPh-T, I can call around to find some pharmacy with at least a adequate one month supply. As you may know , some pharmacists will not tell you if they have some C-II's in stock to prevent robbery. If you can be looked up at the Pharmacy Board, they will usually will say.

T. Kenneth Lawson RPh-T said...

A private pharmacy will as a personal favor, save enough Adderall for me if I ask. He felt bad another pharmacy had it in stock and he didn't. I had to ask him to return the C-II Rx so I could go elsewhere. Now he will make a exception for a good customer that is a Tech and pays cash and gives him ALL my Rx's.

masilverman15 said...

This shortage has greatly impacted my life. I am in graduate school which is not easy to go through but with using my dextroamphetamine in the regular way as I have done in the past 10 years I was able to get through fine. When the quarter term started in September, I was fine until October when I had to traverse the universe of pharmacies looking for my meds. I felt as others did, like a junkie. That is how society treats the affliction. It is like people with ADD or ADHD have a choice. It became quite bad in school. I failed a class.Something I couldn't believe. This quarter I am taking a break because it was really too much stress. I am 3 classes away from graduating and now I am taking a break, does that make sense?! But until I get this medication situation straightened out that is what I am doing. I am now on Concerta which is not doing the job.

Anonymous said...

No problems with getting 20 mg Vyvanse. Live in Central New Jersey.